Populous II

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In Populous II you play the child of Zeus and a mortal woman. Your father refuses to admit your true heritage, and so the only way that you may take your rightful place among the immortals at Mount Olympus is to fight the gods on their own turf! You must fight your way to Mount Olympus, increasing the number of your worshippers as you destroy those of the other gods. The way will not be easy - you must withstand the tidal waves, volcanoes, plagues, rains of fire, and powerful heroes of the other gods as you go. But you're not powerless yourself. Populous II gives you 48 increasingly difficult levels against smarter and more cunning gods. A new "experience point" system requires you to plan out your miracle-working-strategy. Should you become an all-powerful fire god? A mighty god of the oceans? Or should you spread your experience out to become relatively strong across all 6 classes of miracles? The choice is yours! Think wisely!

Populous II