The Goonies II

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Ma Fratelli's Bad To The Bone, So You Better Be Badder. Packin' a heap of ugliness, mean od Ma Fratelli's come back for revenge. And this time she plans to do away with "THE GOONIES" for good. One by one this crazed mama and her two nutty sons have kidnapped you fellow Goonies, hauling them off to a spooky shack and hiding them in a maze of adventure filled with danger, including the slippery ice cavern, secret underground sea, and eerie attic. Now you're the only Goonie left. The fate of your friends is in your hands. But saving the day won't be easy. Armed with your trusty yo-yo and whatever weapons you can find, you'll be forced to fight off fearsome foes, and solve menacing mysteries. You'll have to be willing to risk it all, being brave and bold, to rescue your buddies: "THE GOONIES". RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 8 TO ADULT

The Goonies II